Since the start of the company, we offer complete custom-made bicycles able to satisfy our own and our customer's requirements.
The frames for our randonneuses are built out of steel to combine comfort, performance, durability, repairability and elegance.

Even though there are basic recipes, the make, diameter, butting and wall thickness of the tubes differ between every custom bicycle.

Nothing is left to chance : rider morphology and riding style, potential health issues, intended use and load, preferred dynamic behaviour. All criteria affecting tube and geometry choice.

We are probably the only company able to offer a high-end randonneuse with mudguards, saddle, handlebar tape, racks, bags and diverse accessories all made under the same roof! This 40-year expertise and control over our production allows us to build aesthetically and technically coherent bicycles, which will satisfy their owner over a long period of time.

Cycling is leaning more and more towards planned obsolescence. Self-proclaimed, marketing-driven “innovations” or “revolutions” tend to lower the reliability and durability of machines. We thus aim at developping a range of products made for discerning cyclists, who ride a lot, long distances in various environments, be they cyclotourists, randonneurs, commuters or travellers. We are currently in a phase of transition and know-how transmission.

The production of custom-built framesets and complete bicycles started again at the end of 2016. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

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